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Best Auto Accident Chiropractor Woodland Hills

Injuries that occur during an auto accident can cause whiplash, neck and low back pain, pinched nerves, concussions, and headaches. Auto injuries (bruises and strained muscles) and whiplash injuries are a common source of chronic pain. Getting proper treatment early after a motor vehicle collision from our experienced auto accident chiropractor in Woodland Hills is the first step in recovering quickly and completely.

Dr. Steinberg is able to successfully manage symptoms of motor vehicle trauma in order to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

Dr. Steinberg is a graduate of the Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology Program. This program is the most in-depth, science-based training available today. The program covers the entire spectrum from the physics of motor vehicle crashes to human biomechanics to diagnostics and patient care.

Chiropractic treatment for auto injury and whiplash injuries include gentle spinal alignment along with proper physical therapy (Muscle stimulation, Ultrasound, Massage, Stretching and Rehabilitation Exercises).

If this becomes a legal matter then Dr. Steinberg’s extensive experience and training will aid in the recovery process.