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Does it hurt?
Usually adjustments are painless, although at times you may feel some discomfort depending on the extent of your injury.

How many years have you been in practice?
30 years

What insurance do you take?
Depends on your plan. We will call to conform your policy, but most PPO insurances are excepted, and some HMO’s.

What is your cash price?
$95.00 for first initial exam and treatment. Any additional treatments it is $45.00.

What are your office hours?
9-1pm, 3-7pm Mon- Thurs
Fridays Closed

Are you open on Saturdays?
Yes 9-1pm by appointment only

Do you take Medicare?

How long does the initial exam take?
Around 45 Min to an hour.

How soon can you fit me in?
It really depends how busy we are. If we have an available spot will fit you in the day you call. If its an emergency we will fit you immediately.