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Foot pain is such a frequent condition that almost everyone will experience it at some point in their lives. It’s simple to see why, with 26 bones in each foot. Each foot also has nerves that convey impulses to the brain, telling it exactly where the body is. This function, known as proprioception, is required for the brain to coordinate the feet and other body components to perform the intended motion.

Furthermore, the feet sustain the impact of a person’s entire body weight impacting pavement or flooring thousands of times every day. This can quickly result in injury to the bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, causing substantial pain. Foot difficulties can be caused by ill-fitting shoes as well as disease, such as diabetes complications.

While foot pain may not always be avoidable, chiropractic therapy can make it less severe. Treatment often consists of chiropractic treatment, orthopedic shoes, exercise, or another non-surgical technique to alleviate foot discomfort. Having your foot Evaluation chiropractor in Woodland Hills can be beneficial to your health and wellbeing.

A Chiropractor’s Approach to Common Foot Issues

Plantar fasciitis is something that most people have either suffered from or heard about. This condition causes pain in the heel due to pressure in the ligaments that support the arch of the foot. The plantar fascia, a band of tissues that links the toes to the heel bone, is called after the ailment. It also helps to support the arch of the foot. Ligament strains are commonly associated with pain, edema, and inflammation.

Patients suffering from plantar fascia pain are frequently prescribed medicine or given cortisone shots by traditional medical providers. Chiropractors, on the other hand, adopt a more natural approach to pain management. This could entail altering patients’ posture, instructing them to balance their weight evenly between their feet, and particular at-home exercises. Working with both a doctor and a chiropractor may provide patients with the quickest and most effective treatment. A chiropractor can also help with the following foot problems:
Achilles tendinitis: This usually happens after indulging in physical exercise without first stretching. To alleviate pain, chiropractors will have patients perform particular stretching exercises.
Ankle sprains: Because they affect the muscles, tendons, and bone, ankle sprains can be more serious than they appear. The talus bone may not return to its normal position once the ankle heals. A chiropractor can help you heal by adjusting your talus bone. He or she will also recommend that the patient use the RICE approach, which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation.
Arthritis: Although chiropractors cannot cure arthritis, they can minimize joint swelling by manipulating the toes, foot, and ankle.
Bunions occur when the big toe moves too close to the other toes due to ill-fitting shoes. Chiropractors can help to alleviate severe inflammation and pain by adjusting and moving joints.
A person with flat feet has an obvious lack of arch in their feet. When he or she stands up, the entire foot makes contact with the floor or the inside of a shoe. This condition is most common in childhood, though injury and normal aging can aggravate it. Chiropractors adjust the arch and recommend activities that let it grow organically.


Foot pain is common, but it does not have to be inescapable. Those who have not found relief through conventional therapy may wish to consider adding or swapping to chiropractic care.

If you have foot pain, you’re probably not as active as you’d want to be. Foot pain can spread to the heel and Achilles tendon. If you have chronic foot pain, you may find that it worsens in the morning and gets better throughout the day. If you ignore foot pain, you can find yourself unable to walk at all. Seek therapy if your arches, heels, or other joints hurt even slightly! It is much easier than you believe to alleviate chronic foot discomfort.

Depending on the seriousness of the pain/damage revealed during the initial appointment, the doctor will examine your foot and possibly X-Ray it. Plantar fasciitis is the most frequent ailment associated with chronic foot discomfort. This condition is frequently caused by a lack of flexibility in the Achilles tendon. Plantar fasciitis is more common in people who have high or low arches, and they roll their feet around on a tennis ball to relieve the tension.

 foot Evaluation chiropractor in Woodland Hills

foot Evaluation chiropractor in Woodland Hills

The strategy for treating chronic foot pain can vary depending on the chiropractor you see, however, we use a technique called the Graston Technique, which is designed to break up the scar tissue that accumulates and produces pain/tension in your foot.

Based on your specific circumstance, we will also adjust your foot, ankle, and even the shin bone.

Each round of therapy will help you regain your normal range of motion and joint mechanics. After 5-10 sessions, you should notice an improvement and alleviation of your persistent pain. We’ll also offer you a list of exercises you may do at home to keep the pain at bay.

Foot Problems Can Be Helped by Chiropractic Care

In addition to creating personalized orthotics for our customers’ comfort, we also provide a thorough study of the causes of your foot problems. Using this method, we can get to the source of the problem instead of addressing the symptoms. Our chiropractic adjustments can help with problems including diabetic neuropathy, gout, and other frequent causes of foot discomfort.

Our chiropractors believe in treating the whole person and will work with you to develop a comprehensive wellness plan that addresses your system’s general health and alignment in a holistic approach. Our goal is to assist our patients to live entirely pain-free lives, regardless of the source of their suffering.


Chirosport Health Center is your Woodland Hills provider for foot pain treatment and relief. We have a full variety of custom orthotics that can help with issues like misalignment and other causes of foot pain. We also provide chiropractic adjustments and are a full-service provider dedicated to assisting you in living a pain-free life. Our therapies are all drug-free and provide pain relief without the anxiety that can often be associated with the use of potentially hazardous pharmaceuticals. Contact us if you’re looking for a foot evaluation chiropractor in Woodland Hills.

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